1. Elections
  2. Chair: Lori Martin
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Voting Members: Holly Fletcher, Kim Weber, Nicole Steenbergen, April Hiller, and Sherrin Gingrich

  1. Principal Report


  • Safety Drills (Fire, Intruder and Tornado)

-We have done 3 fire drills to this point

-One (outside Intruder drill completed and second one on November 17)

  • Trees for Woolwich (39 trees worth $4300 donated to our school)

-The need for watering in the spring and summer

  • Pizza and Hamburgers/ Chicken Burgers
  • Progress Reports go home on November 20
  • Nutrition for Learning (last year we received $7300 worth of food approximately- granola bars, crackers, dry cereal, apple sauce, cheese strings, eggs, yogurt, apples, oranges, vegetables- no more spoons)

-our budget is far lower this year

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball (School and Club Teams)

-Both teams are going with games scheduled

  • Gardening Club

-a good deal of the food grown was donated to the Food Bank

  • Strings

-Mrs. O’Marra is leading this

-Weekly practices and some kids are taking their instruments home

  • Humane Society Visit (November 10)
  • Dental Screening (November 16)

-FDK, grade 2 and 7 students

-Parents receive a letter home if there are issues with their children’s teeth that need to be checked out

  • Suicide Prevention Presentation (November 21 for grade 7’s)
  • Hamper Program (starts on November 20th)

-Dire need to help right now

-Far more people are in need of help

  • Q-Mack Presentation (December 14)
  • Math Sessions (grade 3 and 6- Hanley and Orlando)
  • Outdoor Rink

-Boards have been donated to another group

  1. Reading Night
  • A number of parents have responded to say they would come
  • A scheduled date will come forth in the near future for this to occur
  1. Potential Ideas for Activities
  • Street Hockey (hot chocolate and cookies- after school during the Spring
  • Book Swap/ Bake Sale (Trying to see if we can do this before our Winter Break)
  •      Possible Rheo Thompson Fundraiser was discussed (looking into that)