About Us- Floradale Public School

Floradale Public School is home to the Floradale Falcons.   We are a rural school, serving many farming communities in Woolwich Township, and is a bus dependent school.  The school is located within the village of Floradale, just outside of Elmira.  With a rich and varied history that dates back to 1907, Floradale continues many wonderful traditions like a Thanksgiving Dinner where students, staff, and community members all sit down to a meal together.

Our Students

The enrolment at Floradale P.S. is just under 300 students. The population is composed of students from many cultural backgrounds. Students come from rural and farming areas within our boundaries, with almost all of the student population coming from the Mennonite community.  After grade 8, graduating students attend Elmira District Secondary School in Elmira.  Some of our students also attend the Elmira Life and Work School (ELAWS).

Safe Schools Initiatives

Floradale P.S. Code of Conduct

Successful Students at Floradale Must:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Co-operative
  • Be Ready to learn
  • Be on Time

Academic Programs

Our focus is on student achievement and success for all.  In addition to the daily curriculum expectations we are involved in a number of other educational initiatives.

  • Early Intervention
  • Strong Start
  • Empower


At Floradale P.S., we have a team of educational assistants and resource teachers to help support students and teachers. As a team, they strive to meet the needs of the students by accommodating and modifying the learning program so that students can be successful at school.


English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

For many of our students, English is not their first language.  For these students an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher will assess the learning needs of these individuals.  Our ESL then teacher works to develop a program appropriate for each student and collaborates with the classroom teacher(s) and support staff to ensure appropriate modifications and/or accommodations are provided.


Full Day Kindergarten Early Learning Program

We are one of the first schools to implement the new Ministry of Educations initiative.  We have been running the program for the past 3 years.  Based on Dr. Charles Pascal’s Report, “With Our Best Future in Mind”, Full-Day Kindergarten provides children with a high quality seamless program that helps lay the foundation for a healthy and productive life. Through a rich play-based environment children will build foundational cognitive, social, and emotional self-regulation skills that will enable them to succeed in future grades.



Overall, Floradale P.S. provides a safe, friendly, and comfortable learning environment where together we grow, learn, and prepare to meet tomorrow’s challenges.