Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week at Floradale P.S.

In an ongoing effort to create a welcoming learning environment for all, Floradale’s Safe Caring and Inclusive Schools team prepared lessons, events, and activities to promote Canada’s nation-wide Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week (November 19 to 23, 2018). On Monday November 19, Mrs. Corrine Lichty and her registered therapy horse, Cruz hosted an assembly to set the tone for the week. The main message promoted by the duo is “Just Say W.H.O.A. to Bullying” – W.H.O.A. stands for “We Help One Another”.



During the presentation, students were reminded of the definition of bullying and were encouraged to reflect on the various ways that people can be bullied: Physical, Social, Verbal, and Cyber. Mrs. Lichty reminded students of the many ways we can help others in bullying situations. At the end of the assembly, all Floradale students and staff recited the following pledge together:

  • I promise not to bully others and to stand up for those who are being bullied.
  • I promise not to say mean things to or about others and to remember that being different is OK.
  • I will be a good friend and help my family and my community by being a good neighbour.
  • WHOA! We Help One Another!  

Following the assembly, students showed their commitment to bringing an end to bullying by posting their name around the pledge in the front foyer.



On Cruz’s behalf, Mrs. Lichty has invited students to write letters to him, describing their experiences with bullying and asking questions in a safe and anonymous way. Students place their submissions in the “Cruz Cares” box outside the Falcon’s Nest (Room 10). This is a means for staff to gain a better understanding of student concerns in order to create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning environment. As a reminder of our school’s efforts to be free of bullying while focusing on kindness, a picture of Cruz can be seen on the staff photo board in the front foyer – he is now an honorary member of the Floradale staff.

The week was filled with in-class activities as students create an awareness of the various forms that bullying can take while providing them with strategies to prevent bullying behaviours from happening.

At Floradale we say, “WHOA” to bullying and We Help One Another!