Other Resources on the Internet NCTM – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics site provides additional resources for families to support children in learning mathematics. Ministry of Education web site for teachers and parents to explore literacy, numeracy and daily physical education. An elementary math web based support for students. It promotes mathematical understanding of number sense concepts and encourages student perseverance.

TED Talks on Math Education

Dan Meyer – Math Class Needs a Makeover _meyer  math  curriculum  makeover.html Conrad Wolfram – Teaching Kids Real Math with Computers  wolfram  teaching  kids  real  math  with  computers.html

Math Night Tips for Parents/Guardians

Tips for Supporting Your Child

  1. Talk to your child’s teacher when you have questions.
  2. Be Positive – every child can can learn mathematics with perseverance.
  3. Be Less Helpful – always try to have the math come from your child and not the other way around.
  4. Try not to tell your child how to do the math. They may not understand your thinking.
  5. Instead, ask questions that encourage understanding (“Why did you do that?”, “Why does that work?”, “How do you know you are right?”, “Is there another way you could do it?”).
  6. Encourage your children to question and wonder with them.
  7. Set High Expectations- children need to learn to persevere, to adjust thinking and strategies if their first attempt at a solution is unsuccessful. Encourage them to keep trying, take a break and come back to it.

Ontario Ministry of Education Resources

Doing Mathematics with Your Child K-6